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Scoring and Rules

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Race Rules and Scoring 


This page will attempt to answer some FAQs and clarify the rules for this joint-conference race. All normal USAC, NCCA, and ECCC rules apply. Everyone is encouraged to consult the rulebooks and guidelines from those organizations, they make for fantastic reading.



Conference standings points will be awarded based on riders' absolute placings. For example, an ECCC rider who finishes 21st in an A race but is the first ECCC finisher will receive no points toward the ECCC standings. Standard NCCA road points tables will be used.



All category eligibility rules will be strictly enforced. Note that there are a number of new, nation wide procedures and rules for collegiate categories in 2009 These are elaborated on further in a USAC news brief and in the USAC Collegiate Rulebook.


TTT Format

The Trophy Bikes Team Time Trial will be held under 2009 ECCC rules:

  • Collegiate Men's A and Women's A squads will start with 3 or 4 riders, and score on the 3rd finisher
  • All other collegiate categories and will start with 2, 3, or 4 riders and score on the 2nd finisher
  • Only the Collegiate Men's A, Women's A, and USCF squads may use Aero Equipment.  All other squads much use Road Legal equipment as defined by UCI rules per ECCC rules.
  • The category of a collegiate TTT squad is the classification of its highest category rider. Squads may be composed of riders from multiple categories with no restrictions.
  • Collegiate teams of mixed gender or school are permitted for exhibition, but will not score points.

"Rules" for the open TTT are similar:

  • Squads will start 2 to 4 riders and score on the second finisher.
  • Squads may be composed of mixed gender and include riders from multiple teams.

Note that there will be no detailed start list of TTT squads. Instead, just as in 2008, each category will be called up as a group and squads sent off in arbitrary order at 30 second intervals.

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